Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tetris gone wrong at the Met Ball 2012

Over the years there has been some very interesting dresses at the Met Ball, I mean I have nothing against Carnivals, but for a ball the celebrities make some very risky/bold/uncomfortable decisions when it comes to dressing "up"! Maybe they have some bet among themselves of  "who looks most like and animal" or "who can stand the longest with out peeing", well that's something us normal people will never know.
Well see for yourself these very unique way of dressing, (just breaking it to you the easy way, but FYI its not a party with characters from Disney), in the MET Ball that was at Metropolitan Museum of Art, 7th of May 2012

Less is more or Less is less? how was the saying..........

Alexa Chung wearing Mark Jacobs        Anja Rubik wearing: Antony Vaccarello
I think this got a little bit mixed up, Alexa took by mistake the top part of Anja dress and somehow manage to squeeze it under her leather dress. Yeah the saying; less is more some times is very inappropriate because ripped bed sheet that Anja seems to have rapped around her leaves too little for the imagination for my taste. The stuffed leather dress, not worth it to even comment on that...

Go big or Go home....... go home!

Diane Kruger wearing: PRADA       Beyonce wearing: Givenchy
I think we have the winner of the peeing contest here.. they took the bird theme way to literally! But Beyonce is the winner hands down, since her fingers also got caught in her dress ouch.

Lets start to play.... Tetris anyone?

Florence Welch wearing: McQueen        Christina Ricci wearing: Thakoon
These dresses make sense if you stack them together,playful even, but then again one and one it just seems like something is missing. I can see the pain in their eyes, not sure if its because they can't sit down in these dresses or they just realized the mistake they made of wearing them. These are not going to my favorite dress list, this giant half of a bow that Christina is trying to pull or the reverse stair dress. 

Kristen Stewart wearing Belanciaga
 I totally forgot the random colored color block, it's like a free pass in Tetris.. oh then the whole Tetris family were in the same place at the same time. No but being serious this is just pinching pain in the eyes combination of an outfit, animal print mixed with bright leather color blocks, you don't need to be professional to figure that out: it does NOT look good!

Solange Knowles wearing Rachel Roy   Elizabeth Banks wearing: Mary Katrantzou

Peplum all the way for Elizabeth, it reminds me of someone that was taken out from a modern roman war museum - to many pattern and peplum for my taste, also the waste band makes the outfit so confusing, is it a skirt and over skirt or... well who knows what it is, she wore it! The other dress, eastern baby chicken yellow with  peplum doesn't work for me..

Is she a star? .. they sure sparkle as one!

Bianca Brandolini/Dolce&Gabbana     Chloe Sevigny wears Miu Miu

Bianca came as a disco Cleopatra and Chloe as a......? Well at least she was very sure that nobody else had the same dress (in this case plastic pieces that formed some kind of dress simulation). I'm guessing she was a big hit for the girls that needed mirror to fix the make-up!

The winner of the night....?

Marc Jacobs weaing Comme des Garcons
I'm not sure what was going to Mr. Jacobs mind when he choice to wear this very see trough lace gown over a white boxer (tasteful), at least clever enough he didn't take this risk on his own design, he gets credit for that! The thing that stings me is the Alice in Wonderland shoes that he decided to wear with this dress! But nooo he is far from being the winner, at least  this is something new and fresh in fashion..

Have you asked yourself what happens if you mix yellow, pink with some patter?

Coco Rocha wearing dress formally owned by Elisabet Taylor
This is what happens, I just want you people to make the comment in your head... Some fashion just doesn't go in circle!

Now just look at the outfit you are going to wear this weekend and feel really good about it :)

Have a good evening


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