Thursday, May 3, 2012

Punk vibe..

I was looking at some old photos last night and I saw a photo of me about 10 years ago and I was wearing a jeans jacket with studs on it. Now a days I love everything with studs on it, this fashion bubble has been on and off since the punk "fashion" became so popular in the UK in the 70's.
Again for the summer 2012 the studs are very much on, and it's getting a wider range in fashion because it seems everything has studs on it. It's  not exactly like last year because the spikes and the black leather is going more out and softer colors and more softer studs are more visible.
I hope you like the punk fashion because it´s a must have for the summer:

Here are some of my favorite items with studs for the summer, hope it will give you some ideas either to make something on your own or go out and buy something new :)


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