Friday, May 25, 2012

Pregnant man & some leather

Well everything exist in the world of fashion but the one man that can shock the most is with out any doubt Steven Klein. His new editorial "Baby Boom"  for Candy Magazine is no different, he manage to make gay sadomasochism pregnant men very sensual and sexy!! Klein likes to provoke and make a message with his photos and I think this editorial is just wonderfully cute in a weird way :)  so enjoy half naked and naked men with leather and a baby one the way!

Models: Chris Fawcett, Mitch Baker, Loammi Goetghebeur,Kevin Baker

Have a nice weekend..


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artistic and colorful shoes

I have to say that I really admire the work that they do at KronKron. To be a designer from a small country like Iceland is hard but they are also doing so unique and different design that makes it's much more "risky". The shoes are in strange shapes and combine so many colors, and all these little details that they add to the shoes are just perfect. I'm really rooting for this brand and I hope they will get the attention that they deserve. I'm so in love with their shoe collection spring/summer 2012..

Here are some of their creations:

Spring/Summer campaign 2012
Creative directors Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson

Shoes from their collection:

If you like colorful and playful things I really recommend that you check out also their clothing line!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Animals with tattoos - Trend!

Over the years I've become a huge fan of documentaries and shows about how it's made.. and now a days DMAX is one of my favorite channel. I saw some very interesting episode the other day about pet owners that Tattoos their animals and it's getting more and more popular to do so. In most cases people do it for for the reason to "label" their animals (if they get lost)..

I knew that people did this for identification  but there is a bigger group that do it for the sake of fashion and design and basically on all animals.. fishes, pigs, cats.. you name it!
Well is it fashion or not? Animal Rights groups think this is the most horrible thing ever (they clearly haven't seen the animal shelter here in Italy) and also many other pet owners have the opinion that it's horrible because the animals have no say in it, I understand that logic but the animals have no saying in anything they are put trough not even when they snobb snobb the balls ouch! Tattoo artists say against it that the animals are under anesthetic and feel no pain while they make the tattoo and the animals are recognizable if they get lost.
So I clean my soul, I'm writing this from the fashion point of view: people can judge for themselves. I still wouldn't mind to have one arty pig like that in my living room :)

Louise the pig  tattoos by Wim Delvoye

custom made fishes from New York

The tattoos are mostly done on bald cats, dogs and pigs.. against it or not this is getting more and more popular.

Have a good day,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Armani: New pet?

I live in a big Palazzo here in Italy close to the center of Milano, and it's not very pet friendly situation that I'm in... My Italian neighbors complain about the kids in the building so I'm not sure what would happen if I would show up with a pug, a ferret or some other furry little creature.. but there is a solution because the new Armani bag is like a little fur-y animal in a  leach
So fashion is also a solution in a difficult situations:

- Ansy

Invisible shoes

After one year I'm still so in love with these shoes from the invisible line by Andreia Chaves. This Brazilian designer that graduated here from Italy made this great invention and got the award "most creative" shoes at Mittlemoda. These shoes were made in limited edition as they are handmade with combination of leather  technique and some kind of 3D print technology. I would give much to get my hands on a pair of the invisible shoes!


Liam Gallagher with eye wear collection

It's pretty much: everything goes these days in fashion.. Liam Gallagher has made a new collection of sunglasses for his label Pretty Green. They actually look very stylish and the price is quite reasonable prices. My obsession in fashion has always been glasses and sunglasses, I even remember when I was a young girl I was always trying to poke my eyes so one day i needed to get glasses! Well fortunately for me that didn't work so I just use glasses with out a glass and I see perfectly..but a child needs to have dreams!

Here are some samples from his collection:

Hope you have sunny day where ever you are, at least the  sun shining here in Italy :)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paper plates in Vogue UK

In June issue for Vogue UK is very interesting editorial, inspired by paper and fairytale. With all the Olympic photos we have been seeing, this is definitely the most clever set up I've seen on a sport fashion shooting!
Sport, paper and models!

Paper Plates:
Model: Lara Mullen/Photographer: Tim Gutt/ Vogue UK,June 2012

Hope you enjoyed the paper setting sport fairytale shooting, I for sure did :) 


Fashion war at the olympics

I can't deny it's must be a good advertising to make the greatest athletics  to show a fashion collection, but then again I'm not so sure that sports clothing will ever be that fashionable. Closing in to the Olympics they are starting to reveal their costumes. High fashion designer have made their contribution to their country (and in the same time get a huge commercial kick) and designed the costumes, Giorgio Armani made the uniforms for the Italian team, Stella McCartney collaborated with ADIDAS for Great Britain's uniforms, Ralph Lauren that is known for his all-American style made for America, the Italian designer Ermanno Scervino was chosen to design for the Azerbijan Republic team, Adidas also designed for the Australian team and the German team.

Team Italy: 
Giorgio Armani:
The uniforms are mostly black and white but of course Italians are also patriotic so Armani included a tiny image of the Italian flag on the cuffs of some of the polo shirts and also one of the jacket has red and green sleeves. They all get 50 pieces of the collection in their luggage but these are not the uniform that they will compete in, only to wear at the events. The first line of the Italian national anthem was also embroidered on the lining of the sports jackets and on the back of the polo shirt collars , and is written in gold letters inside the jackets (see photo below). This new line from Armani is called EA7

Team Great Britain: Team USA:
Stella McCartney: 

Well no one in Britain seems to enjoy their space blue uniforms that was made by McCartney and ADIDAS. I can't see why everybody think they are so horrible, they look like an outfit that could have been made for X-Factor!!!!

Team USA:
Ralph Lauren: 

It seems white is the color of Ralph this year, I just get the image of the 1920's sailor people.. Not sure what that has to do with the Olympic well beside if they were are all playing golf! This doesn't scream sport, it looks more like a Sunday outfit to take a  walk in the park with an ice cream in the hand...

 Other fashionable Olympic teams: 

Australia by ADIDAS

Almost all nude Australian team...
Germany by ADIDAS
Not sure who came up with having the German uniform baby pink and baby blue.. maybe there is some deep psychology behind it that I don't get!

That's all for the sport fashion for this week!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beauty editorial by Ben Toms

This editorial for Dazed and Confused for June issue 2012 is gorgeous!! Great way to do a beauty shooting using butterfly as an inspiration, it makes it very soft and elegant..
The style, clothes and jewelry fits all perfectly, so hands down to Ben Toms that photographed this editorial!
Model: Elza Luijendijk/ Photographer: Ben Toms

Have a great evening

Sunday, May 13, 2012

3D :Hugo Boss Black campaign

It's in stores now all the campaign looks from the Black campaign that was made in 3D from Hugo Boss. Even though it's maybe not the most "practical" way to advertise clothes, that is in a 3D form, it's still very interesting thing that it was done like that. The photos look amazing, if people are not too lazy to put up a pair of a elegant and sophisticated 3D glasses and look at the photos. Steven Meisel shot a editorial last year starring Miranda Kerr for Vogue Italia that was all in 3D so this is not something new, but I do like that they made a advertising campaign all in 3D.. I give Hugo Boss a stick for the fact that is new and fresh way of advertising! 
So now it's time to put on some fabulous 3D glasses on (or if you don't have maybe take a shot of Vodka and see if you see the photos correct...who knows)

HUGO BOSS: Black summer 2012 Campaign

Have a fantastic day