Monday, April 30, 2012

Tattoos meet fashion

Milou van Groesen goes rough for a new Editorial that will be in may issue for W Korea. She has a short boyish haircut and the setting is a dark tattoo parlor. Covered in jewelry and styled in labels like Prada and Dolce and Gabbana. Gorgeous Editorial where street style meets high fashion:

Model: Milou van Groesen/ Photographer: Gianluca Fontana/ W Korea, May 2012

- Ansy

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mercura nyc glasses

I've been obsessing with glasses in these days so I'm going to continue with my obsession here today. One of my favorite brand in sunglasses is Mercura NYC, they make very interesting and well let say one of a kind glasses. I found some editorials were they styles with Mercura so I hope you enjoy:

Zink magazine 2012

Vogue Portugal, March 2012
GQ style German, 2012
Lovecat 2012
South morning China post, March 2012

Westleast magazine, 2012

Many great glasses for the summer,
Hope you have a great day


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunglasses for the summer

At last it's a sunny day here in Milan, so í finally get use for my sunglasses. Glasses are by far favorite accessories  so I'm going to try out my new vintage Valentino glasses today! The shapes most visible for this summer is round glasses, colors are more easy this season not as bright and as colorful like last year. Dark color, Gold, Silver and prints are the most trendy today.  Here are some ideas for glasses for the summer:
Miu Miu - gold cat-eye

A-Morir - Wonderful flower power glasses

Rag & Bones

Super Sunglasses

Thom Browne - I recommend you check out his collection
Well where ever you are I hope you will enjoy this beautiful day, I'm going out to hunt for new shades :)

- Ansy

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prints, Leather & Lace - I Love Fake

One of the best online fashion magazine is without a doubt I Love Fake, now they have their second issue printed. I really love how they put this magazine together,  I did some shootings inspired by their style for my school projects. They have more "real" editorial and you can more relate to them in the sense of the style. This Editorial captured me, great patterns in the styling.
Young, wild and free is the spirit here:

Model: Valerie van der Graaf/ Photographer:Jolijn Snijders/

Great styling and I love the natural setting, the atmosphere and the mood of this Editorial
I wish you a good night :) 


FAA - Fashion Against Aids

Today came to the stores the new line Fashion Against Aids by H&M, really great contribution for a good cause so I hope that people will notice this campaign also because it´s so beautiful. H&M did a kissing campaign also you can contribute your kiss in their site by sending them your photo with a kiss. The collection is really pretty, its colorful and fun, the domain colors are green and pink, also white and black. Check the campaign out:
Fashion Against Aids campaign by H&M:

There are both men and women collections, here are some pieces from the collection 2012: 

From today 26. April this collection are in stores of H&M and online, 25% of  the purchases pieces is donated to AIDS prevention. Enjoy your shopping :)


Who wants to be much taller with platforms?!

Well  most women want to be taller then they are that is a fact, but who wants to be supermodel tall? That will come  with a prize because for sure because  it isn't pain free, but then who said fashion was comfortable.For the summer platforms are higher then ever so for you that like to be taller then the rest and manage to feel a bit uncomfortable this is the trend for the Spring/Summer 2012

Versace - see trough plastic platform

Christian Louboutin Daffodil platform

Diego Dolcini wedge

Gaetano Perrone bubble heel wedge

Jeffrey Campell - more easy to non brake a leg wedge
Iris van Harpen - spike heels

Celine - Gorgeous heels
Rochas - mirror platforms

I really feel better when I'm wearing my platforms in the sense I like my look ( have done many damages on my legs thou) I hope you enjoyed this as much I did making this blog :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Editorial for Elle Canada

This editorial is one of the first now I have seen that gives me strong feeling of that the summer is near by, the beach time is finally arriving. Laid back attitude, very nice mixing of colors and warm environment. I'm not that crazy for the styling in this Editorial but I love the photography.
The air of the summer time...

Model: Sarah Jordan/ Photographer: Leda & St.Jaques/ Stylist: Sara Bruneau/ Elle Canada, May 2012 

Check out the blue and pink colors in the photos, give them more of a warm feeling, I really like this mix of colors in the Editorial.


Ombre for the summer - Trend

In the beginning of this year the hottest trend was the dip and dye hair and the Ombre colored nails but now on the other hand everything is turning to Ombre. This Trend is on a very large scale, because it's  multicolored, gradient color (fade in colored), dip and dye or just little bit of shades. I took some examples from this popular trend, I personally love the Ombre denim shirts ( if you have already denim shirt its very easy to DIY)

Like with so many trends there are some pieces nice and others not, I personally love the denim in Ombre, long shirts and also the scarfs, and not to forget the nails for those that have time to sponge their nails with many colors. Hope you enjoyed :)


Louis Vuitton Zoo

The bike of Dolce Gabbana was far from the weirdest thing on FuoriSalone, that was held here in Milano last weekend. In the store of Louis Vuitton they showed many of their LV zoo designs by the Engish artist Billie Achilleos. He used all the skin goods from LV line, belts, bags, wallets, bracelets and so on, and he somehow miraculously manage to make out of them all kinds of bugs, birds and many other animals.
Very interesting way to advertise and to mix art with fashion: