Sunday, May 13, 2012

3D :Hugo Boss Black campaign

It's in stores now all the campaign looks from the Black campaign that was made in 3D from Hugo Boss. Even though it's maybe not the most "practical" way to advertise clothes, that is in a 3D form, it's still very interesting thing that it was done like that. The photos look amazing, if people are not too lazy to put up a pair of a elegant and sophisticated 3D glasses and look at the photos. Steven Meisel shot a editorial last year starring Miranda Kerr for Vogue Italia that was all in 3D so this is not something new, but I do like that they made a advertising campaign all in 3D.. I give Hugo Boss a stick for the fact that is new and fresh way of advertising! 
So now it's time to put on some fabulous 3D glasses on (or if you don't have maybe take a shot of Vodka and see if you see the photos correct...who knows)

HUGO BOSS: Black summer 2012 Campaign

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