Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion war at the olympics

I can't deny it's must be a good advertising to make the greatest athletics  to show a fashion collection, but then again I'm not so sure that sports clothing will ever be that fashionable. Closing in to the Olympics they are starting to reveal their costumes. High fashion designer have made their contribution to their country (and in the same time get a huge commercial kick) and designed the costumes, Giorgio Armani made the uniforms for the Italian team, Stella McCartney collaborated with ADIDAS for Great Britain's uniforms, Ralph Lauren that is known for his all-American style made for America, the Italian designer Ermanno Scervino was chosen to design for the Azerbijan Republic team, Adidas also designed for the Australian team and the German team.

Team Italy: 
Giorgio Armani:
The uniforms are mostly black and white but of course Italians are also patriotic so Armani included a tiny image of the Italian flag on the cuffs of some of the polo shirts and also one of the jacket has red and green sleeves. They all get 50 pieces of the collection in their luggage but these are not the uniform that they will compete in, only to wear at the events. The first line of the Italian national anthem was also embroidered on the lining of the sports jackets and on the back of the polo shirt collars , and is written in gold letters inside the jackets (see photo below). This new line from Armani is called EA7

Team Great Britain: Team USA:
Stella McCartney: 

Well no one in Britain seems to enjoy their space blue uniforms that was made by McCartney and ADIDAS. I can't see why everybody think they are so horrible, they look like an outfit that could have been made for X-Factor!!!!

Team USA:
Ralph Lauren: 

It seems white is the color of Ralph this year, I just get the image of the 1920's sailor people.. Not sure what that has to do with the Olympic well beside if they were are all playing golf! This doesn't scream sport, it looks more like a Sunday outfit to take a  walk in the park with an ice cream in the hand...

 Other fashionable Olympic teams: 

Australia by ADIDAS

Almost all nude Australian team...
Germany by ADIDAS
Not sure who came up with having the German uniform baby pink and baby blue.. maybe there is some deep psychology behind it that I don't get!

That's all for the sport fashion for this week!!

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