Monday, May 21, 2012

Animals with tattoos - Trend!

Over the years I've become a huge fan of documentaries and shows about how it's made.. and now a days DMAX is one of my favorite channel. I saw some very interesting episode the other day about pet owners that Tattoos their animals and it's getting more and more popular to do so. In most cases people do it for for the reason to "label" their animals (if they get lost)..

I knew that people did this for identification  but there is a bigger group that do it for the sake of fashion and design and basically on all animals.. fishes, pigs, cats.. you name it!
Well is it fashion or not? Animal Rights groups think this is the most horrible thing ever (they clearly haven't seen the animal shelter here in Italy) and also many other pet owners have the opinion that it's horrible because the animals have no say in it, I understand that logic but the animals have no saying in anything they are put trough not even when they snobb snobb the balls ouch! Tattoo artists say against it that the animals are under anesthetic and feel no pain while they make the tattoo and the animals are recognizable if they get lost.
So I clean my soul, I'm writing this from the fashion point of view: people can judge for themselves. I still wouldn't mind to have one arty pig like that in my living room :)

Louise the pig  tattoos by Wim Delvoye

custom made fishes from New York

The tattoos are mostly done on bald cats, dogs and pigs.. against it or not this is getting more and more popular.

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