Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vogue Japan -Julia Frauche

When Snow Falls:
Photographer: Kenneth Willardt
Stylist: Tina Chai
Model: Julia Frauche
VOGUE JAPAN Beauty - January 2013


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trends from Milan - Autum 2013!

So it's the end of the Milan fashion week for men F/W 2013.. I watched this morning live streaming Giorgio Armani and I have to say that show stood out, they had all the trend setters and there were many "show stoppers" in my opinion! The most obvious trends that have been shown so far from Europe is Velvet ( almost all of the shows contained velvet suit), also there was a lot of leather both coats, jackets and pants. Many different types of hats in all sizes and shapes and not to forget big hand bags.  Red was the most visible color with blue and black, but most of the designers had very graphic and "out there" patterns.

This is my first for 5 years that I'm not in Milan in the fashion week time god this is the time to miss Milan like crazy.. I just love staying in all the chaos that is down town now!

Here are some of the new trends for Fall 2013

My personal favorite;

 DIESEL Black Gold
 Giorgio Armani
 Les Hommes

Hats to keep also the head cool:

Giorgio Armani
 Costume National
 John Varvatos
 Vivienne Westwood


 Umit Benan
 Salvatore Ferragamo
 Calvin Klein Collection

Fire Red is hot:

Alexander McQueen
 Burberry Prorsum

..and for the bold once; Patterns:

Burberry Prorsum
 Alexander McQueen
Les Hommes
 Vivienne Westwood

These and more trends are going to be big hit for the winter... for the most enthusiastic then I want to recommend these shows: Z Zegna, Les Hommes, Canali and the colors and patterns from Moschino is very interesting and of course Giorgio Armani but that is just given :)  
Next up is just wait for Paris to start... until then!


Monday, January 14, 2013

The good & ugly at the Golden Globe!

So I was fallowing Golden Globe, well I was more just checking out the dresses and the suits on the red carpet. I was so pleased to see so many elegant red dresses and also it was a pleasure to see so many strapless cocktail dresses. Gold and nude color was also very popular but nude lace isn't really a big "hit" for me.. I like more when you can actually See the dress!

So I've been controlling all the dresses and so far these are my favorite:

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors
Very elegant golden lace dress, love the length of it!

Claire Danes in Versace
 Amazing color and sexy but classy neckline

Anne Hathaway in Chanel Couture
 She is always so cool and chic she looks amazing in this 2 piece white dress

Michelle Dockery in Alexander Vauthier
 I'm usually not a big fan of white dresses but this one mixed with golden lace is just gorgeous!

Julianne Moore in Tim Ford
Clean but dress and she looks stunning!

Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta
As beautiful she is, this "princess" looking dress fits her perfectly

 Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen
For me this dress was the winner - the neckline and the belt just makes this black dress perfect!

I liked so many dresses on the red carpet but like always there are also some "misses" or dresses that I do not understand! For Golden Globe where no changes, there were some "mistakes" made with dress choices and here are some that I wished they had looked again in the mirror before they left the house...
Bad, Bad and Bad:

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace
 This dress doesn't work not the shape or the pink graphic pattern!

Lucy Lu in Carolina Herrera
 This fabric just reminds me of an ugly tablecloth from the 50's

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy Couture
 It's not that this dress is ugly, it just doesn't work with her skin tone and this hairstyle

 Debra Messing in Donna Karan & Rupert Sanderson
 Yeah this one is just simply very ugly dress - no words!

Jessica Chastain  in Calvin Klein Collection
This for me was the winner and it´s not just the dress even it's so unflattering in every way but also the hairstyle and the make-up  ALL OFF! She looks like a 90's hobbit!

This was just few of the Best and the Worst of the dresses from Golden Globe! Now it's time to go back to look at the men fashion shows that are still "in full swing" :) 

- Ansy

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Denim, Leather, Lace, Fur and more for Versace this Fall

I've been looking at the shows for Men Fall 2013.. many of them are quite interesting!!
Versace was maybe too interesting, I haven't figure out where they are going with the show, there are too many fabrics, colors, patterns, shapes going on there. You can clearly see influences by the 80's and also a bit from Punk but in the end it's very confusing.
In the show there were oversize jackets and pants, lace, denim, colors like red, blue, silver, grey, brown, black, white and also various patterns everything from checkered to zebra.
Here are some samples from the fashion show that will give you an idea what they are presenting for next winter so guys be prepared :)

Versace Men F/W 2013:
 Acid-trip pattern
 Camflash zebra
 Checkered suits
 Oversize over oversize
 Crashing with 80's
 White lace costume
..and in the end a little bit of fur!

This show made me very confused, the only consistency was the hair color  of the models! It seems Donatella wants to make many trends this year.. overload with fabrics and patterns. Also I was very disappointed since she squeezed so many "trends" into her show but choice to skip the hats?!    
Yeah this one will no be on my top list..
Going to keep on browsing through the shows so I hope you are enjoying the men fashion week as much as I am!!!