Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Man: Chromantic!

One for the men out there.. I somehow as a stylist always love to work with male clothing and male models. The only thing is that there are more limits for what you can do to make it interesting. There are no big dresses, make up and crazy hair but it´s more of a challenge to make it different. I came across this editorial yesterday from 10 magazine and I'm having love and hate thoughts about it. I really like the styling the flame effect that is on the warm background and the roses with the cold background make it very interesting for my eye. I'm still trying to figure it out with the black and white (it´s like chemical brothers meets Edith Piaf if you make it into sounds).
But then on the other hand I like the surrealistic styling and the lighting and the after work, definitely  one of the most interesting editorial I've seen so far this year: 

Photographer: Benjamin Lennox/Styling: Hector Castro
Models: Pascal Bonvie & Jake Shortall


- Ansy

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