Thursday, June 28, 2012

Style Trend for men 2013

I've been looking at the runway shows in these days and browsing trough the designers. There is a lot going on for the men summer 2013. The style that's most visible of all the styles is the short-suits, almost all the designers have their version of a elegant suits with shorts instead of long pants.
So in very "short" version the fashion for next summer is Very elegant with shirts, tie, blazers and shorts. I'm personally not going crazy for this trend but well it´s still good to be elegant in the heat and good for those who work in offices, on the other hand to mix the summer shorts in a suit it's maybe practical but often ends up to be not so cool just Geeky!!
Here are some examples of this style from some of the greatest designers:

DIESEL - Casual "hunting" suit
Dolce & Gabbana
Giorgio Armani - Very cool style
Nicole Farhi - "Little boys" suit
Raf Simons - Elegant and stylish
Costume National - Casual and Cool
Les Hommes - "Intellectual British horseman" style
Mugler - Showing a bit much flesh
Versace - Sporty and Casual elegance
Vivienne Westwood - Strangely boring for this brand
This is it for this trend.. it's for sure going to be a big hit for next year :)

X Ansy

Ed Westwick on the runway for Philipp Plein

The heatwave here in Italy has making me too lazy to blog.. But now finally is my favorite time of fashion because the men fashion week is in the run :) For me the fashion for men is always a little bit more interesting then the for women, maybe because they don't "over-do-it" as much .
I was watching the SS 2013 from Philipp Plein and I have to say it took me by a surprise, not just because the "bad boy" Ed Westwick was modeling (he actually fitted perfectly on the catwalk) but the combination of skateboard street style mixed with elegance turned out great! I'm honestly quite bored with the turquoises short suits that I've been seeing on the runways this season.

His collection was very fresh; leather sneakers with stretched jeans, very elegant and gorgeous blazers, skateboards and scarfs, leather jackets and shorts, and guys with tattoos and chains... It was a perfect display of a "bad boy" wardrobe    

Here are some of my favorite from Philipp Plein: 

 Have a wonderful evening, I'm now preparing myself for the match tonight Italy/Germany so no more fashion for me today!!  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reconstructed jewelry trend

I've been putting myself in pain by watching reconstructed jewelry online.. I love everything that is different and that makes you stand out and be different, like my phrase should be much more is perfect :) A few months ago I came across a brand called Trillery and they just make these wonderful jewelry pieces that I want to share with you here. Body armors, halos, slave bracelets are few of the unique design they make. Here are some of their work and I recommend that you check out this brand!
I think it´s my second blog I make about them but it's totally worth it:

Now it's time for bed.. more internet research tomorrow :)