Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who wants to be much taller with platforms?!

Well  most women want to be taller then they are that is a fact, but who wants to be supermodel tall? That will come  with a prize because for sure because  it isn't pain free, but then who said fashion was comfortable.For the summer platforms are higher then ever so for you that like to be taller then the rest and manage to feel a bit uncomfortable this is the trend for the Spring/Summer 2012

Versace - see trough plastic platform

Christian Louboutin Daffodil platform

Diego Dolcini wedge

Gaetano Perrone bubble heel wedge

Jeffrey Campell - more easy to non brake a leg wedge
Iris van Harpen - spike heels

Celine - Gorgeous heels
Rochas - mirror platforms

I really feel better when I'm wearing my platforms in the sense I like my look ( have done many damages on my legs thou) I hope you enjoyed this as much I did making this blog :)



  1. Rochas - mirror platforms! God is beautiful! :D

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  2. These Rochas are Gorgeous yes!! I'm gonna check out your blog and translate :)