Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trend for a Rainy-day

I remember when I first moved to Milan that I thought it was so strange that people had on boots and
the carried umbrellas, well now I know why because when it starts to rain here like with so many other cities in Europe it seems it never stops!! I took some ideas for a rainy days in the city...
Old style umbrella: Pagoda

Very cool umbrella handles: Archer Adams
Boots that you can fold into a bag: Redfoot

Umbrella hat so you hands can be free: Numbrella
Umbrella hat: Alexander McQueen
Raincoat: Jason Wu
Adorable matching raincoats: Mulberry
Waterproofed Make up - Editorial Glamour US, April 2012
Baby boots: Hunter

Umbrella for your dogs when you walk him
 I hope this was useful, here it rains a lot so you have to be prepared :)



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    1. Thank you, I'm going to check out your blog and fallow it :)