Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunglasses for the summer

At last it's a sunny day here in Milan, so í finally get use for my sunglasses. Glasses are by far favorite accessories  so I'm going to try out my new vintage Valentino glasses today! The shapes most visible for this summer is round glasses, colors are more easy this season not as bright and as colorful like last year. Dark color, Gold, Silver and prints are the most trendy today.  Here are some ideas for glasses for the summer:
Miu Miu - gold cat-eye

A-Morir - Wonderful flower power glasses

Rag & Bones

Super Sunglasses

Thom Browne - I recommend you check out his collection
Well where ever you are I hope you will enjoy this beautiful day, I'm going out to hunt for new shades :)

- Ansy

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