Sunday, January 13, 2013

Denim, Leather, Lace, Fur and more for Versace this Fall

I've been looking at the shows for Men Fall 2013.. many of them are quite interesting!!
Versace was maybe too interesting, I haven't figure out where they are going with the show, there are too many fabrics, colors, patterns, shapes going on there. You can clearly see influences by the 80's and also a bit from Punk but in the end it's very confusing.
In the show there were oversize jackets and pants, lace, denim, colors like red, blue, silver, grey, brown, black, white and also various patterns everything from checkered to zebra.
Here are some samples from the fashion show that will give you an idea what they are presenting for next winter so guys be prepared :)

Versace Men F/W 2013:
 Acid-trip pattern
 Camflash zebra
 Checkered suits
 Oversize over oversize
 Crashing with 80's
 White lace costume
..and in the end a little bit of fur!

This show made me very confused, the only consistency was the hair color  of the models! It seems Donatella wants to make many trends this year.. overload with fabrics and patterns. Also I was very disappointed since she squeezed so many "trends" into her show but choice to skip the hats?!    
Yeah this one will no be on my top list..
Going to keep on browsing through the shows so I hope you are enjoying the men fashion week as much as I am!!!  

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