Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marc Jacobs the new face of DIOR?


The new rumor of today is that the new creative director of DIOR will be Marc Jacobs. In my opinion it was a great loss for Dior whit all the madness that happen to Galliano still in my opinion he is just little mad but who isn't mad that work with fashion or even artist.

Here I have some pictures from these designers the old face of Dior and maybe the "new face of Dior.

John Galliano

This man is a master with mixing fabrics, as you can see in one show he uses leather, skin and even wool and all kinds of patterns still the collection is very strong and has a strong look as a collection!

Here are the new fall 2011 collections from the "maybe" future creative director :)

Marc Jacobs

It's all about hats and leather from M.J. this fall here is also some from his other collection

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

Here he mixes up an Russian army uniform and a school girl uniform, (but notice the hats of both collections) playful and fun collection but you still see similarity to these two collections.

Call me crazy but isn't there time for new faces in these big design companies. There are so many fresh new young designers that are hard working and want to make it in the big world. Well this is my opinion time for some changes new people in so we can get some new trends and new vibe in the fashion world.


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